Grout Transformation

When a person walked into this house the first thing you saw was a high contrast grid pattern of grout versus tile.  The owner of the home wanted the floor grout to look more subtle and better match the tile color.  In my experience, the best and most durable grout colorants contain epoxy and are ordered from specialty tile stores.  I avoid buying grout stain from the big box stores as they do not contain epoxy.

It is important that the grout be cleaned well to accept grout staining material.  This before and after picture shows the tremendous difference when white epoxy grout colorant is applied.

Also in this picture the grout joint running front to back on the far right side of the counter was too wide for non-sanded grout.  I cut out the dirty substitute caulking that someone had applied there and replaced it with a sanded white grout.


This counter was so dirty that the grout on the decking looked like an entirely different color from the backsplash, like tobacco brown versus a nutmeg brown.  Again, the homeowner did not like the highly visible grid pattern.  To save the homeowner money, we chose a color that was as light as it could be for just a one-coat application.

An added benefit t0 epoxy grout colorant is that it is also an extremely durable sealant.  Spills of staining material do not have to be immediately wiped up from the counters to protect the grout.  The grout colorant forms a very strong barrier against staining, therefore, many landlords choose this option before renting out a house.