Dirty Tile Shower to Clean

If you look closely at the lower half of these walls in the photo on the left, you can see the buildup of white soap scum on the tiles.  The photo on the right shows the tile after the soap scum has been cleaned off.

These pictures show the tiled shower pan, before and after cleaning.  I use a heavy-duty alkali cleaner which cuts through the soap scum on the walls.  The shower pan grout did not come perfectly clean, so I applied a colorant to the grout joints which closely  matched the color of the tile.


Changing Your Mind on Grout Color

The homeowner originally chose a dark brown grout when this floor was installed eight years ago, but always wished that she had chosen a color that matched the tile better.  We showed her color samples and she chose Sandstone as the new grout color.

Tedius but rewarding work.

Not all grout colorants are created equal.  It’s important that you choose an epoxy-based colorant for durability.  It’s also important that the grout joints be very clean in order for the colorant to adhere and bond.

The new grout color matches both the field tiles and the accent dots.

Eichler Home Grout Transformation

My latest project transforming the grout color to better match the tile. This house was a trip with plants growing through openings in the floor! Joseph Eichler was the premier builder of the late mid-century. He believed in bringing the outside in and he was among the first builders to install very large windows in middle class homes which also brought nature and light into the house.

Joseph Eichler hired several architects to apply Frank Loyd Wright’s ideas to suburban track homes for middle-class families. Interestingly he also became known for advocating fair housing during an era when builders and realtors often refused to sell homes to minorities. In 1958, Eichler resigned from the National Association of Homebuilders to protest the organization’s policies of racial discrimination.