Rehabilitating Vintage Kitchen Tile and Grout

A landlord wanted me to refurbish the kitchen counter before renting out the property.  This kitchen featured the original ceramic box trim tile in a contrasting color.  Here you can see I thoroughly cleaned the grout and re-grouted low and missing grout joints.

There had been a previous tile repair by others long ago on either side of the sink.  The repair person did not try to match the original pink vintage tile color.  Next to this old repair was a row of pink tiles on either side of the sink that were heavily damaged.  Instead of searching for vintage tile to match, the homeowner chose a white color that would match the sink color.  I then cut out and removed the two rows of destroyed pink tiles and installed white tiles.

I also cut out the dirty, messy caulk between the tile and the sink, bleached the area, neutralized it with water, dried it out and then replaced it with siliconized acrylic caulk.

Crack in cement slab

Typical slab crack running under contiguous tiles. 

To protect the house from dust we installed a plastic tent enclosure to the ceiling.

We use a 2-part system (powder and liquid) especially made for movement by Sienna, EP200.  This is an expensive product but worth the price.  Over the years I have successfully spanned large slab cracks with this product and the tiles set with it do not re-crack.