Tile and Stone in the Sacramento Area
Installation, Repairs and Sealing

  • Messy or missing grout?

  • Chipped or broken tiles?

  • Do you need a brand new tile installation?

  • Tub or shower needs re-caulking?

  • Time to rejuvenate your old grout to look like new?

  • Missing tiles or grout at pool or spa?

  • Want a new look? How about adding a decorative backsplash behind bath or kitchen counters!

  • Granite in need of sealing?

  • Would you like to change out the sink you have on your tile counter?
  •    We can do that for you; we have done hundreds of sink change-outs!

    Kim Stoddard - owner

    (916) 454-2896
    Sacramento, CA 95820

    30 years experience in
    tile installation

    Licensed and Bonded
    References available

    License #536338

    Past Member: Ceramic Tile
          and Stone Institute

    Ceramic Tile in Sacramento

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    Tile Project Ideas

    Tile Project Ideas

    Kangen Water

    I personally drink this water and it helps me to stay fit, hydrated and able to do the strenuous work of tile laying without pain.
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